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Polar Sea was especially designed to operate in both polar regions. Six diesel-electric engines, or three gas turbines for thick ice, provide ample power to three propellers. The reinforced hull is shaped to ride up on the ice which is then broken under the ship's weight.

HEALY is designed to conduct a wide range of research activities, providing more than 4,200 square feet of scientific laboratory space, numerous electronic sensor systems, oceanographic winches, and accommodations for up to 50 scientists. HEALY is designed to break 4 feet of ice continuously .

The main building was constructed by architects Hewitt and Hewitt for the Northern Pacific Railroad Company and the Tacoma Land Company and was originally intended to be a luxury hotel.

Polar Star's primary missions are scientific support in the arctic and Antarctic and ice escort of shipping and logistics support for U.S. Government interests in both polar regions. In addition to providing support to scientific stations, the Polar Star is equipped to function as a major scientific platform.

United States Coastguard Cutter Polar Sea

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United States Coastguard Cutter Healy

United States Coastguard Cutter Polar Star

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